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Are you a Grand Canyon University student? If yes, this article will make your life easier. Grand Canyon University is continuously working to make education more convenient. To simplify education facilities, it has introduced a highly optimized web portal. But not everyone can access the portal; the students need to follow several steps to create their account and access the features. 

So, how to access a dozen features and options served by the Grand Canyon University web portal. Here is a complete login guide for GCU Student Portal. 

Everything We Know About Grand Canyon University

MyGCU Student Portal Login

When it comes to the best universities in Arizona, one name that hits every student’s mind is Grand Canyon University. It is one of Phoenix, Arizona’s most reputed private non-profit institutions. The university was set up back in 1949 in Prescott, Arizona, by none other than Arizona Southern Baptist Convention. With the hard work of the authorities, it turned out to be one of the most popular hubs for higher education. 

If we hail back to 2018, before the covid pandemic, Grand Canyon University was considered one of the largest Christian universities worldwide, with over 20,000 active offline students and over 70,000 online attendees. 

Grand Canyon University offers a bunch of courses dedicated to making the students’ lives even better. The university is divided into nine affiliated colleges serving students with different departments and systems. So whether it’s fine arts, medical specialization, engineering, nursing, sociologies, innovation, humanities, GCU specialization, and more, Grand Canyon University is a one-stop location for students. 

However, managing many departments and students is often complicated for the institution. Apart from that, students also face a lot of problems, hustling in the offline medium. So, to make things easier, Grand Canyon University has introduced an advanced web portal where the students can get their hands on many educational facilities. So, whether managing their courses, tracking their attendance reports, or fees-related queries, every student receives access to a million options that make their educational journey hustle-free. 

Grand Canyon University Web portal is highly advanced and optimized. It creates a great online space for students who can access all the resources offered by the university here. Registering to this portal, you can get your hands on all the functionalities from anywhere and everywhere. You will need a device with a good Internet connection and your login username and password. That’s it!! So, how to get started with this portal? Here is the complete guide. 

How Can New Users Register At GCU Student Portal?

Are you a GCU student? Haven’t you registered at the GCU Student portal? If not, you are missing out on a bunch of facilities offered by the institution. Registering at the GCU portal will give you access to an online, power-packed, highly optimized, and advanced space to make your educational journey easier and hustle-free. So, what’s the wait? Register now. 

MyGCU Student Portal Login

Curious about how to do it? Here are the simple steps you need to follow – 

  • Pick your phone or any other device with good Internet support. 
  • Open your browser and jump into https://apply.gcu.edu/Account/Login
  • Now, hit the create account button
  • Next, enter all your details like email ID, First & Last Name, Password, Mobile Number, and more. 
  • Now, hit the register button. 
  • Once you fill in all the information correctly, your account will be created. 

It was straightforward. But remember one thing: keep track of the Email and password you entered while registering, as you will need them in the future. 

How To Login Into GCU Student Portal?

Once you have set up your account at the GCU web portal, logging into it is a piece of cake. Follow these steps to log in:

MyGCU Student Portal Login

  • Wait till you are redirected to the Sign-Up page
  • Here, enter your Username and hit the Next button

MyGCU Student Portal Login

  • Next, enter your GCU password
  • Hit the Login button, and you will be redirected to the homepage of your account.

Note – If you are logging into the myGCU portal for the first time, the website will ask you to set up an account recovery option for the future. So, make sure to do that. 

How To Access LoudCloud Classroom On MyGCU Student Portal?


If you have already set up and logged into your MyGCU student account, accessing the LoudCloud Classroom is child’s play. Here are the easy steps – 

  • Log into your GCU Student account. 
  • Visit “My Courses” at the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Click on your course code from the “My Courses” drop-down. 
  • Wait till you are redirected to the selected classroom. 

The best part of registering and using the MyGCU Student portal is that you will also retain access to the website after graduating from the university. Only you will need your Username and password.

How To Retrieve/Reset MyGCU Student Portal Password?

Have you lost your MyGCU Student portal password? No need to worry, as we are here with the complete password reset process. You can reset your password using your Email or phone number. How to do that? Follow these easy steps – 

MyGCU Student Portal Login

  • Open gcuportal.gcu.edu
  • Click on the Student Access or Faculty Access option.
  • If you are a Faculty member, hit the sign-in button and enter your email ID. 
  • If you are a Student, enter your GCU email ID
  • Now, hit the Forgot my Password option 
  • Once you are redirected to a new window, enter your GCU email or Username
  • A CAPTCHA will appear. Complete that and hit the Next button. 
  • You will be taken to a new page showing you different methods to retrieve or reset your password, like Emailing my alternative Email, Calling my mobile phone, Texting my mobile phone, and so on. 
  • Choose any option and reset your MyGCU Student portal password. 


So, this was the complete login guide for the Grand Canyon University Student portal. If you are stuck with any step, kindly refer to the article. We have also shared the contact information of the authorities. So, you can connect to the officials or the customer support desks for all kinds of help related to the portal. Happy learning!!

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